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Image by Kumpan Electric

Power Connectors

Straight, angled, overmolded or freely assembled standard connectors

Valve Connectors

Rectangular connectors for hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-magnetic actuators

Fiber Converters

Compact RS232 / V.24 digital plug-on modules

Sensor/Actuator Conenctors

M8 and M12 Circular Connectors and Cordsets for Sensors and Actuators

I/O Systems

From passive distribution boxes to high performance fieldbus-independent modules

Optical Bypass Relay

Optical relay for bridging Ethernet switches in the event of power outages

Data Connectors

M12 Data Connectors, Gigabit Ethernet Connectors, M12 Receptacles

Fieldbus Repeaters

Fiber Interface Repeaters for standardized fieldbus protocols

OptoQuick Components

OptoQuick components for integration of fiber-optic interfaces into devices

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