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Image by Toon Lambrechts

Cleaning agents

Waterless Cleaning

Waterless Cleaning is a microemulsion-based detergent for use with mechanical precision parts, such as dismantled and assembled watch movements, in cleaning systems with or without ultrasound.


For static and dynamic sealing points and seals of waterproof watches and precision appliances after service work.

Waterless Rinsing

Waterless Rinsing is a non-aqueous detergent for rinsing precision parts, such as dismantled and assembled watch movements, after they were cleaned. Cleaning solutions like WF PRO rinse off completely.

Neutral Polish & Soil Remover

EC 90 is an aqueous neutral cleaning concentrate for cleaning watch and jewelry parts made of metal (including aluminum), soft stones (e.g. amber) as well as pearls and corals. In addition, EC 90 has a brightening effect and integrated corrotion protection.

Waterless Lubrication

Ready-to-use one-bath lubricant for re-greasing after cleaning watch movement and precision parts.

Polish & Soil Remover

Highly concentrated with strong brightness effect for removing wear dirt, processing agents and oxidation in the workshop and industry (without ammonia). EC 95 contains a temporary anti-tarnish finish. For rapid cleaning of precious metals and non-ferrous metals as well as their alloys and jewellery with hard stones.

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