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Telecommunication electronics

Electronic Board

Industrial Wireless LAN

A broad portfolio of access points, clients, antennas, controllers, and network management solutions

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Compact Industrial Switches (Managed)

Offer high port diversity, Gigabit- and Fast-Ethernet

Image by Thomas Jensen

Embedded Ethernet Modules

Solutions for integrating network technology in automation equipment

Electronic Wires

Robust DIN Rail Switches

Maximum reliability in mission-critical applications.

Image by Stephen Phillips -

Industrial Cellular Router

Single box solution for routing and security provides reliable remote access

Image by U. Storsberg

Managed RSP Switches

Industrial DIN Rail Switches - support Redundancy Protocols (PRP and HSR)

Image by Thomas Jensen

Modular Industrial Switches

The intelligent system offers maximum flexibility

Image by Kier in Sight Archives

19“ Ruggedized Switches

Extremely robust network solutions for extreme conditions

Image by Gavin Allanwood

RED25 Fast Ethernet Entry-level Switches

Cost-effective solution for industrial redundancy and security needs

Image by Ildefonso Polo

Workgroup Switches

Designed for the control room environment and the verge of the office world

Image by Lars Kienle

Serial to Ethernet Converters

End devices with a serial interface can be connected to Ethernet networks


Waterproof IP65/IP67 Switches

Complete solution for extreme environmental conditions

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